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About V&J

About V&J

Brow & Beauty Bar

If you look good, you feel good! At Vinnie & June we pride ourselves on making your experience an unforgettable one. Visit our professional beauty salon in Clawson, MI. We promise you will never forget your first time.

You will never forget your first time at Vinnie & June Brow & Beauty Bar. Style and creativity infused with charm and education. Let go of the fears that keep you from committing, and experience how our Brow Rehab and Recovery can change your life. Brows are the new black. Whether sparse or full, arched or straight we understand the importance of a perfectly sculpted brow.

Let’s Makeup. V&J is dedicated to creating an unforgettable canvas for your special day. Our artists remain faithful to creativity, sanitation, professionalism, and timeliness.

Junebug get your hens together! V&J is all about celebrating every milestone in your life! Teens, tweens, twenty something’s, brides, professionals and hip grannies alike, we have something for you.

Tough Guy! Calling all Vinnie’s to get repaired and polished!

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